Instant idiyappam 100g

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Healthy snacks can be an important part of your diet. They provide energy in the middle of the day or when you exercise. A healthy snack between meals can also decrease your hunger and keep you from overeating at meal time.

Instant Idiyappam (Rice Noodles) 1 Minute Breakfast

  • Dip in Boiled Salt Water
  • Keep For 1 Minute
  • Stream & Serve

No Added Preservatives

No Artificial Colours

No Artificial Flavour

Ingredients: 98% Rice flour, 2% Salt

Storage Instruction: Once opened store in an air tight container

Shelf life: 24 Months

Method of Preparation:

Idiyappam – Boil water in a vessel with required amount of salt. Switch off the flame and completely immerse the Tasty Nibbles Instant Idiyappam in the water and cover with a lid. Strain after 1min. Garnish with grated coconut and delicious idiyappams are ready to serve. Have with Veg/Non veg curries, Sugar, Coconut milk or ghee.

Instant Fryums – Slowly crumble the instant idiyappam and do deep fry in oil. Serve hot.


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